We master gravity

Schaften Cranes works according to the bare rental principle. Our fleet consists out of cranes from 30 ton up to 1600 tons in various types. This means we always have the right crane to master all your gravity challenges all over the world.

Our fleet

What is bare rental?

Bare rental will give you full flexibility! You can either extend the rent, return the equipment or take the opportunity to purchase the asset after your project.

We rent all our cranes based on the so-called ‘bare rental’ principle. This means that you, as the lessee, are responsible for:

  • operation
  • regular maintenance
  • insurance
  • consumables such as fuel & oil.
  • all other operating costs

To you as a customer this type of operational lease means ease of use (one monthly price, everything included) and you will bear no economic risks. As a lessee you are only user of the equipment. You do not bear any residual value risk with regards to the equipment. We can also agree upon a purchase option price at the end of the lease term. This enables you to buy the crane at a predetermined price. This is often called an RPO (Rental Purchase Option).

Do you have the contract for a project, but you don’t have the required equipment? With one of our bare rental solutions you will have the right crane at the right time without making capital intensive investments!

We have the right crane for every job!

This is an overview of the different types of cranes with their specific characteristics. From 30 up to 1600 tons

Crawler Cranes
Up to 1600 ton

Crawler Cranes have their own chassis with caterpillars that provide mobility and stability. The crane’s configuration, such as mast length, jib and superlift, can be adjusted per project. Crawler cranes can travel with loads and have a high degree of flexibility with regard to their use. Schaften Cranes has a large fleet with various types of crawler cranes, so we can always meet the demands of our customers.

Mobile Cranes
Up to 750 ton

Mobile Cranes are flexible cranes which can be installed quickly and have the advantage they can also be used for short-term lifting jobs. Mobile cranes are used in many sectors. Mobile cranes are versatile and flexible in their use. They are permitted on public roads and the time required for mobilisation at site is very limited. Schaften Cranes has mobile cranes from 30 to 750 tonnes. We can always provide you with the crane you need.

Mobile Lattice Boom Cranes
Up to 750 ton

This type of crane combines the mobility of mobile cranes with the flexibility of crawler cranes. Mobile cranes with a lattice boom are extremely suitable for installing wind turbines. Specific configurations for different types of wind turbines are possible and the speed of mobile cranes enables high productivity. Schaften Cranes has a number of these cranes in their fleet. Do you have any questions? Please contact us.

Rough Terrain Cranes
Up to 100 ton

These cranes are extremely suitable for work in difficult circumstances. Rough terrain cranes can reach places where normal mobile cranes can not go and they are extremely flexible. This compact crane is ideal for short trips on all types of terrain, including less accessible areas. These machines are perfect for work at project sites where so called ‘pick and carry’ work is required.

Telescopic Crawler Cranes
Up to 220 ton

Telescopic Crawler Cranes combine the best of two worlds. A flexible and fast telescopic boom on a stable and solid track frame. These cranes are also very manoeuvrable and will travel with a full load. Crawler cranes do not need to be positioned on outriggers like mobile cranes, they can be mobilised fast and are immediately ready for the next lifting job. View our fleet of cranes and feel free to contact us for advice or a quote.

Our fleet

Self-propelled Modular Transporters for high precision heavy duty transporting

Besides cranes for heavy lifting, we also offer Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT). These remote controlled platform trailers are a musthave for high precision transport of large and heavy loads. With its versatile features, capacity can be expanded significantly while still being controlled by a single operator and being capable of 360 degrees steering.

Dedicated service since 1977

Schaften Cranes B.V. is specialized in crane rental. We work according to the 'bare rental' principle. Our fleet consists out of cranes from 30 ton up to 1600 tons in various types. This means that we always have the crane you require.
Our professional team is happy to assist you. They will help you to find the right crane for your project and are available 24/7 for advice and support. We are part of the Schaften Group. This company was founded in 1977 by Johan van Schaften (senior). However, Schaften Cranes B.V. operates completely independent.

Worldwide service

Our comprehensive service guarantees perfect installation and operation of the equipment. From worldwide shipping to installation and assembly by our own mechanics. Our technicians are always available, whatever the circumstances and wherever you need us in the world.


We have many years of experience in the rental of cranes, trucks, trailers and other equipment. Technology, transport and logistics are in our DNA - after all we have originated from Schaften Group B.V. This is the reason why we can best advise you on the right choice of equipment to rent.

Worldwide delivery

Schaften Cranes has a large fleet which allows us to deliver cranes at short notice. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge which helps us to offer you the best solution for your international shipments. If required, our experienced engineers can assemble the crane for you in any part of the world.

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